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Vari Flow ™ Dripper


  • Maximum Discharge (lph): - 0 to 50, 0 to 100

  • Opening Pressure (cm) - 1kg/cm2


  • Suitable for trees having high water requirement.
  • Recommended for sandy soils / desert conditions.
  • Can also be used for lower pressure.

Features & Benefits

Adjustable FlowEasy to adjust according to changing crops and crop water requirement .
Flow Adjustment from 0 to 50 & 0 to 100 lphComplete shut off possible when water is not needed. Maximum flow at 1kg/cm² pressure on full opening is 50 lph & 100 lph.
Simple Two Piece Take Apart ConstructionTwo piece design facilitates ease of maintenance.
Protected OutletProtected outlet preventsentrance of sand/soil in desert/sandy soil conditions.