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J-Loc® Emitter


  • Nominal Discharges (lph) 2.0, 4.0, 8.0, 15.0

  • Operating Pressure (kg/cm²): 1


  • Recommended for fruit orchards requiring multiple drippers around the trunk of the tree, to cover widespread root zone.

Features & Benefits

Simple Two Piece Take Apart Construction
Two piece design facilitates ease of maintenance.
Latching Insert
Strong latching arrangement helps easy removal of flow path insert. Prevents snap-off under pressure fluctuations.
Facilitates Horizontal as well as Vertical Installation of Emitter
Unique design allows to install emitter in any direction. Vertical installation used for nursery application near the saplings/pots. Horizontal installation facilitates easy retrieval of tubing and can be used for closely spaced crops.
Barbed Outlet
Suitable for 4 mm ID extension tubing to allow correct placement of water flow.
No Environmental and Chemical Effects
UV stabilized does not have any environmental effects. Resistant to chemicals used in agriculture.
Color Coded Insert
Color coded insert facilitates easy identification of emitter flow rate.