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J-Turbo Key Super


  • Nominal Discharges (lph):8, 14

  • Operating Pressure (kg/cm²): 1


  • Horticultural plants require high water volume requirements.
  • In the greenhouse for potted plants.
  • Row crops requiring continuous wetted stripes.

Features & Benefits

Jain Turbo Key Super uses innovative labyrinth which ensures clog free performance for years.Offers ease in maintenance and inspection.
Its cross ribbed inlet filter prevents entry of large particles inside the dripper.
Dripper is easy to unscrew and rinse.
Its ribbed base avoids deformation of base and provides strong support to dripper insert, it also provides leak tight connection with the polyethylene tubing.
Unique outlet design to prevent spurting of water flow.
Raised outlet facilitates connection of extension tubing and it also prevents direct entry of bugs into the dripper.