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Bucket Kit


  • Area (m²): 30, 100

  • Minimum Opreting Head (m): 1.5


  • Mainly suitable for cultivation of vegetables. Can be used for cereals, pulses, cotton and other closely spaced crops.
  • Can be used for irrigation in open fields, Green house/ Net house and nurseries.
  • Suitable for Kitchen Gardens and also Himalayan / Hilly (Terrains) where land holding is very small.
  • Useful as a survival irrigation tool in rainfed area or water scarcity region or when there is a prolonged gap between rains & / or electricity is not available.

Features & Benefits

  • Fresh and Nutritious source of your own vegetable: Jain Drip Kit helps you to grow your own vegetable
  • Stay away from pesticides: With Jain Drip Kit you can grow pesticide free fresh vegetables. There is less chance of pest attack as vegetables are grown in isolation and not in large area.
  • Economical: Jain Drip Kit gives you opportunity to grow vegetable / flowers round the year at much less investment than to purchase them from outside.
  • Portable: Jain Drip Kit is easy to install and shift from one place to other.
  • Options: Jain Dripkit is available in manual as wells as automatic header assembly.