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A Sand Separator which guarantees Sand removal of 97% + by World Leader in Irrigation.

Invention and innovation is tradition at Jain Irrigation. With our decades of experience and research, we are pleased to introduce yet another path breaking product ‘Jain Ghoomar (The Sand Separator)


  • Connection Sizes (inch) - 02,2½, 03

  • Nominal Flowrate (m³/hr) - 30, 40,50

  • Maximum Oprating Pressure(kg/cm²) - 8



Used in micro irrigation systems to remove sand and silt particles from irrigation water.

Features & Benefits

  • Patented Design
  • Unique & Robust Construction
  • Abrasion Resistance - Best in Class
  • Long Life; Corrosion Free
  • No Maintenance; Easy to Flush
  • Enhances Irrigation Systems Life
  • Jain Ghoomar - Unique patented centrifugal style of separation is not only effcient, but also maintenance free. By reducing the load on secondary filters like media or screen/disc filters, it enhances the life of your drip and sprinkler irrigation system.
  • Jain Ghoomar is the popular choice for removing sand, grit and other solids from water sources. It removes 97% of particles sizing 400 microns and larger from your Drip Irrigation/Rainport/sprinkler System. With heavier solids you can expect even better results.
  • Jain Ghoomar is manufactured from high performance engineering plastic. It is highly durable, light in weight and has no effect of corrosion due to chemicals & fertilisers used in agriculture.
  • Jain Ghoomar is easy to push. It has a unique oval shaped dirt collector. It can hold up to 10 litre of dirt. It has a bottom pushing arrangement which helps to push the dirt completely without need of stopping the irrigation system.
  • Jain Ghoomar construction ensures no down time due to maintenance, cleaning or changing the spares.