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Banana Premium

Higher yield, better profit!

Jain Tissue Culture is a Hi-Tech quality plant production division of Jain Irrigation Systems Limited, a multinational conglomerate dedicated to the farmers’ prosperity by providing total quality agri solutions. Jain Tissue Culture is the world leader in production & marketing of tissue cultured plants of elite Banana varieties that are high yielding, true-to-type, possessing highest genetic purity and free from pests and diseases.

Features & Benefits

  • Jain Tissue Culture offers all important varieties of banana that are popular and grown in India such as Grand Naine, Red banana, Theni Nendra, Trichy Nendran, Elakki, Poovan etc.
  • These are ‘Certified Planting Material’ by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India under NCS-TCP program, that guarantees freedom from viruses, ex-our hardening center.
  • Secondary Hardened tissue-raised plants, the concept developed, adopted and popularized through our dedicated continual improvement program which ensures zero mortality in the field.
  • Low or no Variation in genetic purity of the plants by way of stringent genetic fidelity testing from Accredited Testing Laboratories in the country.
  • Multi-cavity unique Potting System’ that enhances root ball development, and protects root damages during handling and transport.
  • Imported ‘Soilless Potting Media’ that checks soil-borne pathogen infection to the tissue-raised plant.
  • As a result of secondary hardening, tissue-raised plants require a minimum period for their establishment in the field and start growth instantly, a unique concept that we refer to as ‘Zero Day Setting’.
  • Tissue culture culminates in uniformity in age and height that allows harvesting to be completed more or less at the same time.
  • Ratoon Technology offers harvesting of three crops within a span of 28 months which is an added advantage.
  • Jain tissue culture plant coupled with ‘Jain Fertigation Technology’ assures higher productivity and superior quality of the produce in a perpetual manner.