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Coffee Premium

Higher yield, better profit!

Coffee is a relished beverage by millions worldwide. JISL’s state of the art tissue culture laboratory is involved in the micropropagation of elite coffee varieties suitable for cultivation in coffee growing areas. JISL has selected varieties for possessing that contains rich aroma and for easy establishment in the field .

Features & Benefits

  • True to type
  • Robust
  • Free from Root rot, Die back, Wilt, Nematode
  • Grown in Pathogen free, Bio-fortified, Crop specific Soilless media
  • Propagated in specially designed root protective, root trainer pots
  • Strong & well developed root system
  • Complete hardened
  • Genetic and age uniform
  • Assured establishment, accelerated growth and uniform canopy development after field planting
  • Uniform & profused fruit setting
  • Yield potential xxx MT/H*
  • Available in two different pot sizes
  • Offers special discount for 9-12 months advanced plant booking
  • Also available for spot buying with premium pay


  • Arabica, Robusta