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aJain Hi-Tech Nursery has developed an autoplug hi-tech seedling nursery to overcome the problems of Vegetable Nursery in Soil. Seeds are sown by automatic vacuum machines thus the uniformity in the depth of seed placement is achieved. Sterilised organic media are used to produce seedlings. Pro trays are kept in germinator then in growth chamber. It ultimately results in good quality, healthy and uniform seedlings for the farmer.

Features & Benefits

  • Seeds are sourced from reputed seed companies.
  • Customised (Different varieties) supply of all Vegetable and Fruits seedlings.
  • Use of sterilized soilless media.
  • Automatic media filling and sowing in tray.
  • Seedlings are raised and hardening is done in controlled condition.
  • Seedlings are developed under supervision of qualified staff.
  • Quality testing in lab for each batch of seedlings.
  • High quality, well rooted and disease free seedlings.
  • Available as per customer demand