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JISL’s hi-tech nursery produces agroforestry species of plants that can be grown either as avenue plantations or around the periphery of the farm to act as windbreak or in the prevention of soil erosion. These species also find place in afforestation program and to enhance greenery.

Features & Benefits

  • Agro-forestry is a largest division of Jain Hi-Tech Nursery.
  • The agroforestry plants are produced by seeds in Jain Hi-Tech Nursery.
  • Used elite planting material of different medicinal species as mother plant.
  • Special attention to keep mother orchards free from disease and pests.
  • Plants are prepared by Seeds, Suckers, Cuttings, Slips.
  • Propagation in hygiene condition using recent scientific techniques by qualified nursery staff.
  • Authentic variety of plants prepared for sale.
  • Customized planting material as per consumer demand.