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Jain Solar Lanterns

Jain Jyot Solar Lantern is a portable, stand alone lighting unit consisting of SPV panel, Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL), sealed maintenance free battery, high efficiency electronic circuitry and charging cable. It is available in different models.


  • Emergency and/or house lighting, table lamp, camping, patrolling (streets, farms), Hawker / Vendor Stalls, nonelectrified remote places: Adult education, mass communication, etc.
  • Easy and convenient alternative to kerosene/ petromax/ gas lamps as well as substitute for domestic power connection

Features & Benefits

  • Aesthetic and light weight portable design
  • Non-polluting and eco-friendly
  • Bright but cool light after every charge
  • With necessary indications & protections
  • 10 years for SPV Panel
  • One year for entire system
  • Pollution free and eco-friendly
  • bright but cool light