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Commercial & Industrial applications

In commercial & industrial sectors, where large quantity of water is required at fairly high temperature,"Jain Solar Water Heating Systems" are designed to meet the above requirement. Depending on the distribution pattern of hot water, the system could be either modular or a big capacity single tank system. In forced flow type SWHS, a special pump and automation system is used for circulation of water between solar collector and tank.


  • High rise buildings
  • Townships


  • Jain SunGlow: MS tank and open / closed loop systems for 500 Litres and above any system capacity can be offered as per demand.
  • Jain SunRise: SS tank and open loop / closed systems for 500 Litres and above any system capacity can be offered as per demand.

Automation system for operating forced flow type SWHS

  • In a forced-circulation SWHS, water is pumped from the storage tank through the collectors and back into the tank. An electronic controller, a small pump, valves and few other components are needed for proper operation and maintenance of the system. With a forced-flow type water heater, the collector and storage tank can be installed independently, and no height difference between tank and collector is necessary. Two temperature sensors are used to monitor the temperature of collector and the storage tank. If the collector temperature is higher than the tank temperature by a certain amount, the controller starts the pump, which moves the heat transfer fluid in the solar cycle. If the temperature difference decreases below a second threshold, the control switches off the pump again. The "switch-on" temperature differences are normally between 5 and 10°C.