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HDPE Ducts for Telecom

  • Micro DuctØ 3/1.5, 5/3.5, 7/5.5, 8/4.4, 10/5.5, 10/7.6, 10/8, 12/8, 12/10, 14/10, 16/10 mm OD/ID/p>

  • OFC Duct29/23, 32/26, 32/27, 32/28, 40/33, 40/34.2, 50/42, 50/43 mm OD/ID

  • Spirozoom38.8 mm, 40/34.2 & 40/33 mm

  • Multi-Micro Duct2 way to 8 way

  • StandardsBSNL (TEC) Specifi cation, Company Specifi cation GR No. TEC/GR/TX/CDS- 008/03/MAR-11

  • LengthAvailable in Coils & Drums

  • Material GradesPE-63 & PE-80 in different colours

The purpose of HDPE duct is to provide a clear, protected pathway for a cable, or for smaller conduits. The HDPE cable ducts are manufactured for mechanical protection to fibre optic, electrical cables etc. Basically HDPE ducts are used for installations of local and long-distance telephone networks, cable television transmissions, information transfer networks, etc. HDPE ducts are manufactured from high quality HDPE material and co-extruded with special lubricant providing a low friction smooth surface for easy cable drawing/blowing. The outer HDPE shell makes the pipe more tough and durable and enables the duct to withstand the pressure during high speed air blowing of cable as well as retain the roundness under soil pressure and traffic load. HDPE ducts can also be supplied with inner lubricated area in ribbed form. HDPE anti rodent ducts provide best solution to rodent attack by incorporating a bitterent in the pipe to dissuade rodents from gnawing it.


  • Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) Ducting forTelecom & Data Networks
  • Fiber To The Home (FTTH) application