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Urban Farms

This method of raising crops is gaining popularity in recent years especially in big and advanced cities where arable land is not available. JISL has ventured into this activity to provide total solutions right from establishing such types of urban and indoor farms and also provide after-sales services. Following are the most popular indoor farms that JISL can offer total consultancy.

Urban Kitchen Garden

This is a vegetable and herb growing system for cities and towns where space is a constraint or is available in a limited manner. Stand with plants in trays can be kept on the balcony / Verandah / terrace. Households can produce vegetables and herbs for daily consumption.

Vertical Wall

Vertical walls are used for increasing green area in living space, offices, factories etc. Shade loving plants are selected for vertical walls. Plants like Syngonium, Philodendron, Money plant, Basil, Brahmi, Portulaka are suitable for green walls.

Vertical Towers

Vertical towers are a simple form of vertical farming. It can be used with substrate media or in hydroponic systems. It is used to plant ornamentals, herbs or vegetable crops based on requirement. Each day one type of vegetable can be harvested. These vertical towers can be made mobile so that uniform light is made available which ensures effective plant growth.

Fodder Cabinet

Fodder cabinets are used to produce green fodder for milking cattles in limited area. One cabinet can daily produce up to 35 kg of green fodder, which is sufficient for 3-4 cattles. The resulting fodder is extremely tender and nutritious.