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Soil-Less Growing

JISL has been in the forefront in the field of soil-less growing practices. The plants are grown in substrate other than soil such as coco-peat, perlite, volcanic gravel, rock wool etc. Substrate is filled in a specially designed plastic trough, bags or pots. Sterilized artificial media is used in order to eliminate an incidence of soil borne pathogens. Pulse irrigation is provided to supply water and nutrients to the crop.

This system provides a good environment to the root zone and maintains optimum air-water ratio, good drainage which results in a profuse root system. Useful for cultivating cash crops.

Features & Benefits

  • Useful in areas where soils are contaminated or cultivable soil is not available.
  • Plants can be fully protected from soil-borne diseases and pests.
  • High yields per unit area and resources.
  • Recycling of water and nutrients rendered possible.
  • Environment friendly activity as there is no pollution whatsoever.