Welcome to Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.

We are committed to total customer satisfaction, quality excellence in our products and services, maintain market leadership, protect and improve the environment and provide safe & healthy working condition through sound quality, environment, occupational health and safety management practices.

We uphold our commitment through :

  • Manufacture, supply, installation and servicing of quality products at competitive, reasonable price and keeping to delivery schedules.
  • Conservation of scarce natural resources and increase in green cover.
  • Protection of environment including prevention and control of pollution and other specific commitment relevant to the context of the organization. This shall include minimizing generation of process waste and sustainable use of resources.
  • Prevention of work related injury and ill health by eliminating hazards and reduction of occupational health and safety risks and integrating health and safety in procurement process including for contractors and out source agencies.
  • Consultation and active participation of all associates and their awareness about quality, environment, occupational health and safety by training, display, other communication methods and securing their involvement through performance assessment.
  • Fulfillment of current applicable legal and other requirements which relate to quality, environment, occupational health and safety.
  • Continual improvement in quality, environment, occupational health and safety performance by setting, reviewing objectives, adopting economically viable technologies.

This Policy is communicated, understood and applied within the organization. The policy is made available to public and interested parties on request.

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