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Corporate Citizenship

We have always been doing business with a social conscience. We believe that education, health, culture and environment are the pillars of vital and vibrant society. Recognizing our social responsibility, we founded 'Jain Charities’ as a Public Charitable Trust in 1982. The Trust is a secular body and is there to help worthy cause of every community whether Christian, Hindu, Jain, Muslim or Parsi. This Trust has its roots in Rural India. The trustees are native of villages. They believe in paying special attention to this neglected rustic society. In keeping with the pillars of the dynamic and energetic society,
The Jain Charities has prepared its goals as below:
• Advancement of education and literacy. • Providing of medical relief, • Promotion of games, sports and physical fitness. • Initiation of and support to cultural and other projects for society. • Furtherance of environment and rural development.

The following symbolically capture the gamut of activities the trust is involved in to express their sincere gratitude to society.