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Mini Spray Jets


  • Manufactured from high quality polymers to achieve wear resistance and longer trouble free performance.
  • Stream jet pattern covers wide area.
  • Precision moulding ensures uniform distribution.
  • Available in five spray pattern and five colour coded nozzle sizes to make it suitable for variable field conditions.
  • Lower maintenance, no moving parts/ seals to wear out.
  • Wide surface water distribution provides advantages in areas where soil composition has poor lateral movement.
  • Low spray profile minimizes water on foliage.
  • Nominal operating pressure 1 kg/cm² (14.22 psi).
  • Easy to install with different mounting options like,
    - a. Clip Stake for J-Jets / Foggers / Misters (Code: DCSJ) with rigid riser.
    - b. Stake for Modular / J-Jets / Foggers / Misters (Code: DSJF4 / DSJF8).
    - c. Square stake for J-Jets / Foggers / Misters (Code: DSSJ)
  • Mini Spray Jet stake assembly including micro jet, 6 mm OD extension tubing (0.5 m or 1.0 m long) and take off available on demand.
  • Minimum filtration requirement - 100 micron.


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