5022 SD-U


  • Superior technology from the world leader in sprinklers NaanDanJain Irrigation, Israel.
  • Unique hammer with SD (super-diffuser) plate designed for uniform distribution.
  • Specially designed to work even at lower pressure (from 1.5 Kg/cm). More suitable for Indian agricultural conditions.
  • Jain Plastic Impact Sprinkler - 5022 SD U with its innovative design overcomes all the limitations of conventional impact sprinkler
  • It is light in weight yet its robust design gives reliable performance over the years. It also feasible to use with plastic riser to make the system cost effective.
  • Vandalism free. Plastic body does not have resale value, hence saved from theft.
  • Easy to maintain, no skilled manpower required to maintain sprinkler.
  • Easily interchangeable colour coded bayonet nozzles to match the required precipitation rate.
  • Stream straightening vanes inside the nozzles removes turbulence from the water jet and gives gentle precipitation.
  • Hydrodynamically designed nozzle gives longer radius of throw and helps in reducing number of sprinklers per unit area as compared to any other sprinkler of similar discharge.
  • Higher resistance to wind

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