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Jain Oval Hose


Jain Oval Hose
  • Manufactured from virgin LLDPE using advanced extrusion technology.
  • Excellent characteristics of LLDPE provide durable tubing with close dimensional tolerances.
  • Jain Oval Hose once pressurized becomes 98% round.
  • Suitable for surface as well as subsurface installation.
  • UV stabilized. No environmental effects.
  • Each batch passes through following stringent quality tests to ensure efficient and trouble free performance.
    - Dimensional tolerances.
    - Short term & long term hydraulic pressure.
    - Heat reversion.
    - Carbon black content.
    - Environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR).
    - Tensile Strength and Elongation.
  • Best environmental stress crack resistance.
  • Oval shape reduces freight and storage cost.
  • Tested as per ASAE standard.

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