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Chapin® Deluxe - Drip Tape


  • Manufactured from special grade virgin plastic using state-of-the art technology that guarantees the best results.
  • Precision formed flow path channels and filters.
  • Clog resistant drip tape with hydraulically efficient, high vortex, turbulent flow path with large cross sectional area.
  • Longer flow path of each dripper ensures true drip flow- no squirts.
  • Unique continuous inlet filter system which runs along the full length of tape. 333 inlet filters per meter length of the drip tape ensure supply of water to the flow path even if some of the filter segments of the stripe are blocked.
  • Double inlet filter protection - Apart from the inlet filters, there are secondary filters at the inlet of each emitter.
  • Off center outlets restricts water movement along the tape and ensures each drop falls to the soil.
  • Slit outlet, prevents entrance of the soil through outlet.
  • Lower tension while winding ensures less retraction in the field and avoids kinking.
  • Excellent CVm and emitter exponent makes longer length of run possible.
  • Minimum 100 micron filtration recommended.
  • Specially designed Tape Lock fittings are available. Please refer to ‘Poly Fitting & Accessories’ pages.

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