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Rotoclean Gold


  • Hydraulically Powered Spray Hydraulically powered spray rotor continuously spray trash / debris away from the screen
  • Standard Pure Polyester / Epoxy coating for Protecting from Corrosion Coated with more than 70 micron thick deep blue colored pure Polyester powder on outer surface & Epoxy coating from inner side for protection against corrosion and weather effects
  • Special Stainless Steel Special stainless steel screen provided for corriosion free performance
  • Foot Valve Option Can also be sypplied with Foot Valve to prevent back flow of water
  • Self cleaning suction filter.
  • Flushing of screen using filtered water. Special provision of ¾" screen filter to avoid plugging of nozzles.
  • Constructed from mild steel body and stainless steel screen. Stainless steel body can be supplied on demand.
  • Low frictional loss across the filter.
  • Strong metal ribbed supported screen to avoid collapse due to suction pressure.
  • Available in standard screen size of 400 micron. Other screen size can be supplied on demand.
  • Maintains constant flow rate.
  • Helps to improve system efficiency by reducing load on the micro irrigation filters.
  • Low maintenance. Does not require frequent removal of suction pipe or cleaning of foot valve.
  • Minimum operating pressure for spray rotors is 1 kg/cm² (14 psi).
  • Protects pump and piping system damage and clogging due to physical impurities.
  • Available in 2½", 3" and 4" sizes without foot valve. Please specify for Jain foot valve (plastic) or metal foot valve option while ordering.
  • Standard end connections are BSP flanged. Please specify for other end connections.


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