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Jain Super Flow® Silver


  • Innovative Compact Filter Design To install filter in smaller area, filter is compacted without reducing performance
  • Unique Smart Clean Element Unique ‘Smart–Clean’ element, assures high performance and effective filtration. (Flow direction Out to In)
  • Easy for Maintenance Strong and smooth opening, drip–tight SS clamp closure.
  • Various Connection Options Available Threaded connection, Flanged connection or Easy Fix connection available
  • Draining Facility Available Additional Drain Valve provided to remove dirt from filter
  • Equipped with Pressure Check Assembly To check pressure from inlet side and outlet side, additional Pressure check assembly provided
  • Manufactured from special plastic alloy material which gives very high stiffness, toughness, heat and impact resistance.
  • Excellent chemical and weather resistance.
  • Ribbed body construction, designed to withstand water hammer and surges in the pipe line.
  • Maximum operating pressure 6 kg/cm² (85.2 psi).
  • Available in standard filtration of 100 micron. (Other mesh sizes are available On demand)
  • Available in 2" (20 & 25 m³/hr), 2 ½" (30 & 40 m³/hr) and 3" (50 m³/hr) inlet & outlet connection sizes.
  • On demand, Jain Super Flow Plus can also be supplied with automatic flushing arrangement.


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