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Clean Master® Silver


  • Standard Epoxy Coating for Protection from Corrosion Coated with more than 70 micron thick light blue coloured epoxy powder from both inside and outside surface for protection against corrosion and weather effects
  • Unique Manifold Design Unique design of manifold for single tank unit facilitates flushing with filtered water
  • High Quality Silica Sand as Media Filtration media is crushed silica sand/quartz gravel of particle size 1 mm to 2 mm (0.039 to 0.078 inch)
  • Innovative Candle Assembly Innovative Candle assembly provided to pass filtered water in system
  • Various Connection Options Available Threaded connection, Flanged connection or Easy Fix connection available
  • Various Options for Backwash Available in manual, semi automatic or fully automatic backwash options
  • Manufactured from mild steel as per international fabrication standards.
  • Designed for uniform distribution of incoming raw water over the media bed which ensures very effective filtration & backwash.
  • Effective filtration of 75 micron (200 mesh).
  • High filtration efficiency due to uniform grade of filtration media (silica sand / quartz gravel) and specially designed outlet candles.
  • Maximum pressure rating 10 kg/cm² (142 psi).
  • Clean-Master can also be supplied with stainless steel body.
  • Optional multi tank modules for higher filtration capacities available.


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