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Fogger and Misters

Foggers and misters are used to maintain humidity or temperature control in greenhouse, shade house.

Misters & foggers manufactured from good quality virgin raw material, easy to install, reliable performance are some of the common features of our fogger and misters. It can be supplied with Leakage Prevention Device (LPD) for pulsed operation and to prevent low head drainage. Ideal for plant propagation, Recommended for climate control in Greenhouse / Shade house. Suitable for crops require maintaining micro climate in the canopy area.

Range of Foggers and Misters


Provides optimal cooling or humidifying of greenhouses. Reduces greenhouse temperature.Increases greenhouse humidity.

Super Fogger

The optimal solution for cooling, humidifying and pesticide spraying in greenhouses.

Jain Fogger

Recommended for orchards and green/glass houses requiring fine mist spray for temperature and humidity control.Suitable for crops require to maintain micro climate in the canopy area.


Ideal for plant propagation. Recommended for climate control in Greenhouse / Shade house.

Green Mist

Height of units above bench: 1.0 - 1.2 m.Maximum spacing between units on lateral: 1.0 m.

LPD (Leakage Prevention Device)

LPD is a rubber valve which closes the outlet immediately when system is at below specified pressure.

Super LPD

High performance leakage prevention device with spring loaded rubber valve.

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