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Metal Impact Sprinkler

Sprinkler irrigation is a method of applying water similar to rainfall. Water is distributed through pressurised network system. It is then sprinkled through sprinkler nozzles to achieve uniformly distributed rain fall.

Sprinkler irrigation is adaptable to any farmable slope, whether uniform or undulating. The lateral pipes supplying water to the sprinklers should always be laid out along the land contour whenever possible. This will minimize the pressure changes at the sprinklers and provide a uniform precipitation. If practically it is difficult to install along the contours pressure compensating sprinklers can also be used.

Sprinklers are best suited to sandy soils with high infiltration rates although they are adaptable to most soils. The average application rate from the sprinklers (mm/hour) is always chosen to be less than the basic infiltration rate of the soil so that surface ponding and runoff can be avoided.

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