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Twin 95 Plus


  • Heavy duty construction using high-tech composite materials, in conjunction with sturdy drive arm.

  • Extraordinary operation at all pressure levels, works smoothly and uniformly over whole nozzle pressure range.

  • Excellent hydraulic design, large barrel cross section and full size taper bore nozzle allows for maximum possible throw and performance.

  • Maintenance free, self lubricating sealed bearing, instead of ball bearings allows for long reliable operation over time.

  • Three stream break-up frequencies can be selected manually, without tools, in order to adjust rotation speed and to optimize the water distribution.

  • Unique patented self compensating break system keeps overall performance constant over time.

  • Intermittent dynamic jet breaker option, increases the stream diffusion which allows a more delicate irrigation for sensitive crop and provides flexibility in operation at lower pressure.

  • Patented drive system with excellent stream diffusion allows for smooth & steady operation.

  • At start up of the system the gun produces a fan-type spray reducing to a minimum crop damage and soil erosion due to run off.

  • Light weight, puts less stress on irrigation system structures.

  • Available in full circle and part/full circle models with seven interchangeable nozzles to meet discharge and radius requirements.

  • 2 BSP female threaded inlet connection.


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