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Micro Dripper


Features and Specifications:

  • An assembly of micro tube of required length and micro tube holding stake.
  • Tubing manufactured from virgin polyethylene, with yellow line.
  • Resistant to ultra violet (UV) radiation and other environmental effects.
  • Snap proof design, tubing is prevented from snapping off even at higher pressures.
  • Designed to hold the dripper at a fixed position.
  • The flow is dispersed to avoid soil erosion due to jetting.
  • Smooth inner surface minimises frictional losses.
  • Can be used at low operating pressure.
  • Can be supplied in required length of tubing.


  • Used as a linear flow dripper in drip systems.
  • Recommended to use with low pressure / gravity fed system like drum kit, bucket kit, gravity kit etc.
  • Suitable to use for irrigation of bag culture.

Technical Specifications:

Reference Code Flow for 1m Length Inside Diameter Nominal Outside Diameter Wall Thickness
lph gph mm mm mm mm
MD12 14.0 3.7 1.2 3.00 0.90
MD15 24.0 6.4 1.5 3.30 0.90

* For detailed code, please refer ordering specifications.

Ordering Specifications:

  Nominal ID x10

Example: MD12 - This code refers to Micro Dripper of inside diameter 1.2 mm and length of tube 100 cm.
Note: Micro Dripper is also available with microtube holding stake. Please specify the code as MTS for separate microtube holding stake.


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