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Jain Integrated Automation Systems- Types of Automation Systems

Types of Automation :

Time-based system

In this system, time is the basis for operation. The basic objective is to prepare a schedule based on crop water requirements. The operation sequence will be set by user as desired.

Volume-based system

In this type, every section will receive the preset volume of water. This is possible with the help of following two methods:

Electronic Control :Watermeter is an essential component in this method, which gives the feedback to controller after the preset water volume is delivered. One after the other every section receives the preset water quantity.
Mechanical Control :This is also called as sequential irrigation system. Here controller is not required. Automatic metering valves are interconnected in series. The required quantity has to be set on each AMV. One after the other, all AMVs will operate & deliver the reqd. water quantity. After the last AMV is closed, the pump also shuts off.

Sensor-based system:

In this system, sensors give feedback to controller, depending on which the controller initiates various actions as required.

Time-based Irrigation Controllers :


  • Cyclic programming / Interval programming.

  • Water Window management.

  • Cycle and Soak by station.

  • Easily upgradeable for remote control.

  • Global or Program level Seasonal Adjustment.

  • Compatibility with Evapo Transpiration System, Central Control & Sensors.

Landscape Controllers (AC)

XC: 2,4,6,8
I-Core: Upto 48
PRO-C: Upto 50
ACC: Upto 42
ACC-D:Upto 99
ACC-D:Upto 99

Landscape Controllers (DC)

Agriculture Controllers (AC/DC)

SVC: 1,2,4
WVS: 1,2,4
Modular: Upto 24
Cyclic: 6,12

Volume / Sensor based controllers:


  • Flexibility of start times and cycles.
  • Sequential programming.
  • Powerful software to monitor and control the complete operation of the system.
  • Fully automatic, or manual override operation options.
  • Powerful battery backup.
  • Event logbook to record the last 100 system events (Complete / partial logging options).
  • Large, easy to read, wide-angle LCD display.
  • Compatibility with wireless & central control systems.

How Automation Systems Work - See Following Pictures Describes

Agricultural Controllers (AC/DC)

Gal-pro: 8
Galileo: 40,64,88,112


Weather Station
Ec & pH unit

Solenoid valves/Hydraulic valves with pilot

Plastic Valves Available from 1" to 6"

Metal Valves Available from 1.5" to 12 "

  • Heavy Duty solenoid pilot valve.

  • Internal Manual Bleed.

  • Flow Control with non rising handle.

  • Rigid-Diaphragm support.

  • Captive bonnet bolts and solenoid plunger.

  • Pressure regulator compatible.

  • Available in 24 VAC & 12 VDC options.


  • Open field irrigation software.

  • Green house irrigation software.

  • Green house climate control.

Jain Integrated Automation Systems


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