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Papaya Concentrate, Pulp & Puree


These are made from selected varieties of Papaya. Fully matured Papaya fruits are harvested, quickly transported to our fruit processing plant, inspected and washed. Selected, high quality fruits go to the controlled ripening chambers. Fully Ripened Papaya fruits are then washed, blanched, inspected, peeled, deseeded, pulped, centrifuged, homogenized, thermally processed, (concentrated when required) and aseptically filled, maintaining commercial sterility. maintaining commercial sterility.

  • Aseptic : Eighteen months from the date of manufacturing when stored below 15 C.

  • Colour : Chacteristics ripe Red Papaya colour

  • Flavour : Typical ripe Red Papaya flavour free from off flavour

  • Teste : Chacteristics ripe Papaya teste

  • Available in 20 Kg Bag in Box packing as well as in 215/225/228 Kg Bag in Drum packing. Product can also be supplied in any other pack size as per customer requirement.

  • Every pack is labelled in accordance with current international legislations.


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