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Jain Solar Steam Generation System

We are the proud partner of Simply Solar, Germany for the design and development of Solar concentrators.

Scientist Mr. Wolfgang Scheffle, Director, Simply solar is inventor of Scheffler Solar concentrator. With being close association and great endeavours, we have developed this world class and wonderful system for very useful application of steam/direct cooking, industrial heating applications etc.

Parabolic Scheffler Reflectors can provide high temperature heat for all types of cooking, steam generation and many other applications. Their speciality is a flexible surface curvature and a non-moving focal area. Their use is now becoming increasingly popular in many parts of the world, especially in India.

It is a static receiver technology. The concentrators reflect and concentrate solar rays at one focal point where steam receiver is installed. Number of such a concentrator units can be installed in series as per our energy requirements.

System components

   •   Scheffler Solar concentrators (16m2) with tracking system.

   •   Steam Receiver

   •   Steam storage system

   •   Steam regulation and piping system

   •   Condensate recirculation system

Water is being filled in to the receivers. Due to the extreme heat at focal point, water inside the receiver boils and produces steam which is being collected from each receiver and stored in a pressurised vessel.

With the reduction in steam pressure from Storage vessel, it is carried and fed to the cooking vessels. The condensate from cooking vessel is again recalculated to the receivers. Thus it is a closed loop system.

A fully automatic electronic tracking (East –west) is provided for individual concentrator. Only seasonal focal adjustment is done manually.

Total system sizing is done on the basis of energy requirement for cooking or other industrial processes.

This system is totally maintenance free and works without any hassle for many years to come!


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