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Jain Solar Water Heating System - Warranty

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., Jalgaon (hereafter referred as ‘The Company’) offers following warranty to the buyers of the Jain Solar Water Heating Systems

This Warranty applies to the items /goods manufactured, supplied and installed by ‘The Company consisting of collector,S.S.storage tank, mounting racks, valves and accessories excluding the items such as piping, fittings, electrical items and collector glass.

  • The Company warrants the 'Jain Solar Water Heating System' against the manufacturing defects, faulty materials & or workmanship and also leakage from the collector or storage tank for a period of 7 years for Sunwatt model and 5 years for Sunrise model from the date of purchase.
  • Within the warranty period ‘The Company’ undertakes to repair or replace any part / component found to be having manufacturing defects or unserviceable. The Company may at its sole discretion replace the whole collector or storage tank if found necessary by virtue of the nature of fault or defect which cannot be attended at the site of installation.
  • Such defects, if noticed by the customer should be reported to the company immediately upon its knowledge. The Company shall be under no obligations under this warranty, if the company is satisfied that the defects are due to improper usage, negligence, any modifications/ alterations or tampering, over pressure, change of design/pattern of usage, accident, act of god or installation/repairs carried out by any person not duly authorized by ‘The Company’ or by any reason beyond the control of the company such as theft, war, earthquake, flood or storm & such other natural calamities like hailstorm, typhoon or cyclones, uprooting of trees or electric poles, wire & radio or T. V. Antennas etc. causing accidental damage to the system.
  • Under this warranty, no responsibility is accepted for any consequential loss or damage caused by any defect.
  • Any part, component or system replacement shall be granted in exchange of the defective part, component or system to the company by the customer.
  • The repairs or replacement, if any, shall be carried out by the company or its authorized dealers or representative only within a reasonable time required for communication, processing the complaint, procurement of the component, transportation of material & deputation of a person for examination & determination of remedial action to be taken to solve the problem. It is essential that the customer should grant access to the company’s representative for examination of the solar water heating system in full and facilitate the repairs as & whenever convenient to the customer & the company’s representative.
  • No fixed temperature warranty can be given of the Jain-SWHS, in view of the Geo-climatic & solar fluctuations. However, it is possible to achieve the hot water temperature ranging from 45 to 80 degree centigrade depending on the season of the year.
  • This warranty in no case shall extend to payment of any monetary consideration or compensation.
  • This warranty excludes any damage inflicted by animals such as dogs, monkeys, domestic animals, birds or any creatures or miscreants.
  • Use of hard water in SWHS is precluded under this warranty protection.
  • This warranty automatically becomes void on expiry of the warranty period.

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