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Jain Solar Water Heating System - Trouble Shooting

Problem Cause Remedy
Not getting hot water?
a) The Jain Solar Product is located in shaded.
a) Relocate in unshaded area during the day.
b) Wrong connection of cold water & hot water pipes to storage tank.
b) Connect according to instructions.
c) Air is trapped in the collector or tank. If required, drain the system & fill it again.
c) Open the collectors upper plug & remove the air.
d) Non Return valve stucked up.
d) Remove & clean Non return valve spring.
e) Filter choked
e) Remove the cap & clean the screen of the filter.
Water is not coming?
a) Pipes of hot or cold water in the storage tank are choked by sediment.
a) Clean the pipes & descale sedimentation.
b) Cold water tank is empty.
b) Fill the overhead cold water tank.
Hot water flow not smooth?
a) Air vent for Hot/Cold water tank is not provided.
a) Provide suitable ARV/Air vent for the both the tanks.
Getting Luke warm water?
a) Cloudy day.
a) Use electrical backup, if provided.
b) Collectors not cleaned.
b) Remove dust accumulated on the collector.
c) Mixing of cold & hot water.
c) Check mixers & install the non return valve, if required.
d) Hot water pipeline not insulated properly.
d) Insulate the pipeline with suitable insulation.
e) Scale formation in the collector.
e) Descale the collector & use soft water to avoid this problem in future.
Water is boiling in the collector?
a) Not in use for a long time.
a) Cover the collector with a shade.
b) Failure of Thermostat.
b) Change the Thermostat.
Electrical backup not
a) Wrong wiring connections.
a) Connect according to the wiring diagram.
b) Loose wiring connections.
b) Locate, clean carefully & reconnect tightly.
c) Lightening.
c) Inspect / replace fuse, heater element & thermostat.
d) Short circuit.
d) Inspect / replace fuse, heater element & thermostat.
e) Heater Thermostat failure.
e) Replace with a new one.

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