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Solar PV-Power Plant Projects

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Solar Captive + Open Access

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. has installed 8.5 MWp Grid Connected Solar Power Plant for its captive consumption. This plant is the First Solar Open Access Plant in Maharashtra.
Key high lights:
» 7.5 MWp is installed on fixed structure
» 1 MWp is installed on single axis & dual axis trackers
» Grid connectivity at 33 kV

Solar Captive Plant

Solar Net Metering for Industry

Solar Net Metering for Hospital

Solar Net Metering for College

Solar Net Metering for High Rise Building

Solar Net Metering for Commercial Showroom

Solar Net Metering for Residence

Solar Net Metering for Residence

Solar off grid plant

Solar Petrol Pump-solar off grid plant

Solar off Grid Plant for Automatic Irrigation and Fertigation System

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