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Jain Polyethylene(PE) Pipes and Fittings - HDPE

Pipes made from Polyethylene (PE) is a cost effective answer for a number of piping problems in Metropolitan, Municipal, Industrial, Underwater, Mining, Landfill Gas extraction, Cable duct and agricultural applications. It has been tested and proven effective for underground, above ground, surface, under water as well as floating pipe applications.

Polyethylene pipes both High Density (HDPE) and Medium Density (MDPE) can carry potable water, wastewater, slurries, chemicals, hazardous wastes, cables and compressed gases as well as oils. Polyethylene pipes have a long and successful service experience to the gas oil, mining and water utility industries. PE pipes have the lowest repair frequency per Kilometer of pipe per year compared with all other pipe materials used for urban water and gas distribution.

Jain PE pipes are strong, extremely tough and long lasting. Jain PE pipes will meet all your requirements of long service, trouble-free installation, flexibility, resistance to corrosion and chemicals.

Pipes and Pipe Fitting Range includes:

PE Pipes and PE Pipe Fittings

HDPE Pipes


Jain High Density Polyethylene  Pipe (HDPE)

Lift and gravity water supply systems . Micro & sprinkler irrigation systems. Sewerage pumping and effluent disposal systems.
Column pipes for submersible pumps.

Jain HDPE Pipes Jointing and Connections

JAIN HDPE piping systems like - butt fusion, electro-fusion, which are permanent joints and detachable joints such as flanged joints, self restrained sure-loc joints, Quick-Connect® joints and compression joints

PE Hand Moulded Fittings (HMF)

PE Bends (Plain Ended), Equal Tees (Plain Ended), Equal Tee with Flanged Ends, Unequal Tee with Flanged Ends (Single / Multistage), Moulded Flanges (Slip-on), Flanges with Weld Neck, Sandwich Flanges, Blind Flanges, MS Slip-on Flanges, Single / Multi Stage Reducers (Plain Ended), Pipe End (Long Neck), End Cap, Duck Foot Bend

Quick-Connect PE Pipes & Pipe Fittings  

Quick-Connect PE Pipes

Suitable for portable impact overhead and floppy sprinkler systems.Can be used for portable water supply distribution pipelines.


We have perfected three joints according to the requirement of sizes. These joints are designed to withstand the tensile pull that will be acting on the joint when the pipeline is under pressure.

Quick-Connect Fittings - Plastic Clamp Joints

Used for installation of portable overhead / floppy sprinkler irrigation system.

Quick-Connect Fittings - Single Metal Clamp Joints

Manufactured from virgin HDPE material.Plated single metallic clamp facilitates fast assembling and disassembling.

Quick-Connect Fittings - Double Metal Clamp Joints

Manufactured from virgin HDPE material.Plated double metallic clamp provides all round grip on pipe to prevent leakage and snapping off.

Quick-Connect Fittings - Metal Latch Joints

Manufactured from virgin HDPE material.Plated metallic clamps designed for easy and fast installation.

Quick-Connect Fittings - High Pressure

Manufactured from virgin HDPE material.Heavy duty zinc plated clamps and lever.Lever hook to clamp on the socket and allow for high pressure joint.

HDPE Sure-Loc Pressure Pipes  

HDPE Sure-Loc - Pressure Pipes and Fittings

Natural Gas / Vaporized LPG Conveyance and Distribution.


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