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Nursery Plants

Nursery Raising & Agro Forestry

We help farmers develop High Tech Agriculture Farms by imparting, training, providing technical services and at the same time assuring buy-back of specific crops at agreed prices.

To demonstrate modern Irri-tech and hi-tech agriculture, a model farm has been developed, where Planting of horticultural crops, mainly Mango, Guava and Custard Apple, has been undertaken on a large scale. Over 100,000 trees have been planted under different soil conditions. Vegetables, including Onion and Capsicum are also cultivated as intercrops between these horticultural plants. A scientific nursery for grafting horticultural plants has been established. Agro forestry species, such as Amla, Teak & Bamboo have also been planted. All these crops are being grown using hi-tech agricultural inputs including Drip, Fertigation, Tissue Culture, Green Houses etc.

The company has pioneered tissue culture of ‘Grand Nain’ variety of banana since 1994-95. The Jain Tissue Culture laboratory has successfully micro-propagated and sold over 2 million ‘Grand Nain’ banana plants with outstanding success. It is the largest Banana Tissue Culture laboratory in the country. The farmers have increased their productivity from an average of 12 kg to over 26 kg per bunch per year and have taken consecutively crops with two ratoons in about 30 months.

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