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Integrated Local Watershed Development (Long Term)

"Man makes deserts bloom & lakes die"

In the short term, we work for benefits which are immediate, and in the long-term our approach will be for a full scale assessment of the problems and more practical and permanent solutions to realize the full potential of the natural resources of the region or hydro-geological unit. The steps involved are :

  • Preparation of thematic & reliable maps & data base including terrain features, land & water use status and available facilities.

  • Socio-economic survey of surrounding areas giving data on human & animal resources, living standards and incomes of each household & corroborating the same with secondary data available from census & different Govt. offices & departments.

  • Appraisal of soils (texture, moisture holding capacity, wilting point and available moisture, infiltration rate, bulk density & porosity, fertility & nutrient balance), Overall land use, its intensity, cover, biomass density & productivity.

  • Assessment of water requirement as per the selected cropping plan, irrigation method & climatological data.

  • Working our Water Balance including surface & ground water potentials water quality, use & reliability.

  • Selection, Design & Construction of Engineering structures: Location specific diversions [ditching, trenching & bunding (staggered or continuous), paved channels, bandharas [road drains], bench terracing, grassed waterways, gully plugging (with or without pipes), stone pitching, Gabion structures, silt detention & water harvesting storages (ponds, lakes, tanks), composite check dams and such other conservation, sodding & stabilizing structures as may be needed.

  • Even problem soils and land (saline, waterlogged, degraded, sandy, barren or rocky, hilly acidic & ravines) can be gainfully reclaimed & made productive with plantation of properly selected plants and flora (Vegetation and afforestation).

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