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Wasteland Reclaimation

"If only society and environment could work together, we could have a masterpiece."


A typical Land Reclamation project taken up by us on Turnkey basis shall have following profile & contents for study & implementation





  • Land Title, Measurement & Access : Verification & Investigation.

  • Land Type & Use : Present & Future Sustainability

  • Soil Status : Capability, Conservation, Treatment, Planning & Implementation.

  • Groundwater evaluation & scope of its use in conjunction with surface water.

  • Surface Water Availability, Constraints, Reliability & Price Considerations.

  • Long Term Sustainable Water Source Creation, (Reservoir, Storage) Recharging & Reclamation: Integrated Local Watershed Development & Management.

  • Climatology Profile & Averaging Data Collection & Interpretation.

  • Study of traditional existing Cropping Pattern to devise a new crop & Vegetation-Green Cover: Drought Resistant / Energy-crop Plantation &Afforestation.

  • Irrigation Water Requirements and Scheduling.

  • Choice of Irrigation methods considering crop requirement, Local Tradition, Social Structure Cost & Water Use Efficiency.

  • Assessment of Direct Inputs : Live Stock, Farm Equipment & Machinery & other Infrastructure.

  • Existing status and desired changes needed for Other Critical Infrastructure: Power, Transport, Credit & Markets.

  • Existing External Administrative, Institutional & Legal Framework, Structure and its efficacy / status.

  • Socio-economic considerations, conditions & constraints of the surrounding region and their Impact / contribution for the optimal land & water use.

  • Recommended Approaches & Internal Administrative & Management Structure including Job Allocation, Education, Experience, Qualification and Training Input Needs.

  • Techno-Economic & Financial Viability, Cash Flow Statements, Benefit-Cost Ratios, Sensitivity Analysis budgeting & profitability, Break even analysis etc.



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