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Training Services Assistance Available

"Investment in knowledge pays the best interest."


Training may include class room training, on-the-farm working experience as well as refresher courses pertaining to entire agricultural operations. All the training inputs are available from in-house team, though external assistance may be sought for a specialized field.

  • Land preparation, sowing, planting, cultivation, other routine farm operations, harvesting & storage.

  • Crop fertigation & protection.

  • Different aspects of agronomy.

  • Installation & commissioning, operation & maintenance of farm machinery implements, irrigation systems, tools & equipments.

  • Water source identification & local watershed development.

  • Maintenance of farm properties, live-stock, manpower and other infrastructure.

  • Vendor development for Agricultural inputs

  • Marketing Strategy & planning.

  • Selection & provision of library & laboratory inputs.

  • Role of government officials, Common Interest Groups (CIG), Self Help Groups (SHG), Water Users Association (WUA), Environment & Social Activists.

  • Building, construction, architecture and infrastructure.

  • Landscape and turf irrigation : planning, design and management.

  • Golf course Irrigation : planning, design & Management

  • Seed improvement & development planning.

  • Educational and / or cultural event management.

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