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Partial Project Planning and Implementation

The complete project planning and implementation in entirety may not be required in some cases. If so, Jains can take up even a part of the project for improving productivity & stability even in low rainfall areas.

Approach calls for an integrated resource management strategy with desirable land use which enables conservation of rainfall, optimum use of water and efficient maintenance of soil fertility. Land & water are inseparably linked like blood & flesh. Land based productive activities are dependent on terrain, soil, biomass & water (surface & ground). The resultant new production system will assure greater productivity & more dependable harvest and protect the land, conserve water & improve income.

The success of the project will depend on the appropriate institutional arrangements with dedicated, motivated and resourceful leadership, which commits itself to time schedule and resolves to proceed in a systematic manner nurturing traditional knowledge and integrating it with modern methods of data collection, compilation, interpretation and supply & use of technological inputs.

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