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Crop (Selection, Planning & Development)

"Trees are live storage Tanks"

In addition to its economic value, vegetation or the green cover in various forms is also used for stabilization and  or enrichment as well as conservation of soils, land & water for sustained use.

Mulching lay farming (crop rotation), staggered planting, alley cropping (food crops grown in rows of trees or shrubs), mixed planting, strip cropping, inter-cropping (with compatible genotype), inter-row gapping & contour cultivation methods are also adopted as rain soil conservation measures in planning & development of the watershed and / or reclamation of land.

  • Farm crops/plants (food, fibre & fuel) and vegetables.

  • Energy plants (yielding latex, oils & waxes).

  • Forage & fodder grasses, crops/plants, (grazing lands & pastures).

  • Horticultural plantation.

  • Herbal, aromatic & medicinal plantation.

  • Agro-forestry (including nitrogen fixing leguminous trees & plants) & Bamboo.

  • Afforestation with shrubs, bushes & wild trees.

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