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Year - 2011

... We had a visit to your set up on 30th Nov. 2010. During this visit we found that you have aligned yourself so much with these natural forces and followed these natural principles in totality in your entire set up. So we thought, as a role model and a case study, if our group could visit your Jalgaon set up, then that would really leave a great mark in their process of learning.
To meet a great Karma yogi, like Bade Bhau and listen to his experiential knowledge directly from him would greatly inspire all the group members.”.....
- Prem Nirmal, School of Success and Happiness, India (26-02-2011)

... standerd of production machines for irrigation systems, Pipe production and sheet manufacturing as well. I am also very glad to meet you personally, because the engagement of the whole Jain family for social projects, support and health care of you for your employees, for the region and even for your country impressed me too......
- Dr. Jens Liebhold, KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH, Munchen, Germany (24-02-2011)

... First of all I would like to express my greatest respect and appreciation for your father who created such an incredible industry in agriculture area. It is indeed a model for the entire world. It is almost an act of god, not an act of a mortal human being.
I understand this comes from an absolute conviction and dedication to help millions of farmers in India and the entire World......
- Dr. Tilahun Zeweldu, Managing Director, North West Investments Ltd., Addis Ababa-Ethiopia (16-02-2011)

...It was like seeing something happening which I thought is unachievable dream. Visiting your industrial complex and world empire helped me dream higher.
It is not only the business part that amazed me, it is also your generosity and respect for humanity and readiness to help. I was extremely inspired by just being the different parts of the Industrial Complex.
Thank you for giving me encourgement and inspiration to continue what I have been doing and also planning to do in the future......
- Dr. Tilahun Zeweldu, Managing Director, North West Investments Ltd., Addis Ababa-Ethiopia (16-02-2011)

...Right from the movement I entered the Jain Hill. I have experienced a wonderful felling and mind at how much work an industrial person can do in one life! I can full of appriciation for Bhau’s vision. He has not only built an agriculture centre, but based all his achievements on Human values. I am Particularly happy that he has established a Gandhi Research Centre at Jalgaon......
-Dr. S. N. Subbarao, New Delhi-India (13-02-2011)

... you have revolutinised banana here. We here believed by seeing the banana garden in the farm and farmer’s field around. Surely, this is a fill up to our attempt and confidence. So as to take banana cultivation to a newer heights in Kerala. This is a lesson that “ Technology can change the Agriculture as well the society......
- P.G. Krishna Kumar, Agriculture officer, Pazhayanmur-kerala-India (10-02-2011)

... Over the course of my recent visits to India I must say I have never experienced a more forward looking Progressive Organisation than what I have witnessed today !.....
- A.H. Chip, President & CEO, Mc Elroy II PE, M.Elroy Mfg, Inc, North Fulton-Tulsa-USA (09-02-2011)

... The amount of work being done here, the technological development, the staying ahead of this space of business put JAIN apart. More, so however is the drive and conviction to make a difference im this world especially to the farmers. We share this drive and we believe that this way we do make a difference. That matters - we teach people how to fish. Thank you for bringing this to the forefront of your business......
- Dr. Agnes Matilda Kalibata, Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources,Kigali-Republic Of Rwanda (07-02-2011)

... I have seen on the pilgrimage of South India and I am in contact and relation to basic social work in Bihar in and around Bodhgaya. From the poorest of the poor, struggle with the conditions of life. I came to this place which represents not only an Utopia in mind but is to be seen as a unvaluable seed for a bright future of India. “ Leave this world better than you fond it” are not ideal and romantic words but a great serious wpork is done and continued to be developed. I fell previleged and honoured to have seen this work of a visoner......
- Regina Holmes, Isle Of Mou., Denmark (30-01-2011)

...I am highly impressed by the professional competency and social commitment of the company, especially the noble cause that they serving to educate the farmers from their economic uplift......
- O.P. Bhagat, Post Master General, Aurangabad Region, Aurangabad-India (06-01-2011)

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