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News @ Jains - Bhavarlal Jain performs ground cutting for Jain 8.5 MW Solar Electricity Generation Project

JISL Founder Chairman Bhavarlalji Jain is worshipping the land where 8.5 MW Solar Electricity Generation project is planned at
Jain Energy Park in Jalgaon. Also seen are his grandson Atman Jain, Atul Jain, Dalubhau Jain, Raja Mayur, Dr Chaudhari, Dr Doshi, JISL Vice-Chairman Ashok Jain and daughter-in-laws.


  • "Indiaís First Registered Solar Photo-Voltaic Electricity Generation Project under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission.
  • Investment Rs 132 crore.
  • 13960000 Kilo Watt Electricity Generation Per Annum

Jalgaon, Nov. 11, (Reporter) - Jain Green Energy today entered the field of electricity generation on 11.11.11 at 11 minutes and 11 seconds by inaugurating the first registered project in solar photo-voltaic electricity generation project under the Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission scheme. This project is being viewed as the leading project in the Indian solar energy field which took shape due to the foresight of Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd (JISL) Founder Chairman Bhavarlal Jain. He today performed the land worship ceremony here in Jain Valley on the Shirsoli Road. JISL Vice-Chairman Ashok Jain, Joint Managing Director Ajit Jain, Marketing Director Atul Jain, Sevadas Dalubhau Jain, Kantilal Jain, Shashikant Jain, D M Jain, Suresh Jain, Abhedya Jain, Maharashtra Marketing Director Abhay Jain, Senior JISL Associate in Green Energy Department Charitra Jain, JISL Senior Associate Girdhar Oswal, S V Patil, Technical Director J J Kulkarni, Sunil Deshpande, Solar Energy Researcher Dr S K Shil, entrepreneur Raja Mayur, senior heart specialist Dr Subhash Chaudhari, Dr Doshi and other dignitaries attended the function. The son in Bhavarlalji Jainís third generation (his grandson) Atman Ashok Jain began work on the project symbolically by digging the soil with an axe. All members of the Jain family and JISL associates were present on the occasion.

JISL Founder Chairman Bhavarlalji Jain explained while speaking at the function that considering the investment in the project and the return on it, many people thought that we are fools to do such project. All authorities reported that nothing is possible in this land which is in the hilly area and is not suitable to do agriculture. Despite this, we decided to go in for such project, he said, adding that he had got the similar response while working in the Jain Hills and the Jain Valley projects. Nobody believes the natural greenery that has been achieved after undertaking tremendous hard work. We believe in the total efforts of human beings and this project will be a shining example of this belief, he said. Practical people would never ever dare to do such a project but fools like us, who think the opposite, would always love to do them, Mr Jain clarified.

Today it is still challenging to produce solar photo-voltaic (PV) plate (panel) and cell in the solar energy field. We accepted this challenge and entered the field of manufacturing solar panels, Mr Jain said. We got the confidence from that project and therefore, we ventured into this project. The price of solar cell has come down today and in the future, it would further decline, he added. Exactly opposite is case of the electricity rates as they are increasing continuously, he observed. Mr Jain pointed out that the electricity generated by using solar energy is affordable as compared to the other rates and he said he is looking at the new project from the angle of accountability. There is no reason to worry about new project because all our projects are based on the basic principles of strong willpower, continuous hard work and honesty. We are not big but our company is big. The associates here are not big but they are important as they become big due to their work, he commented. All JISL associates should understand and accept that we get the honour and prestige in the society out of the work that we do here, he also said.

Salient Features of Solar Electricity Generation Project

  • Plant structure by Jain Green Energy Department.
  • Plant set up in 45 acres area of barren land.
  • 7.5 MW Electricity Generation by static Solar PV panels, 1 MW Electricity Generation by Solar trackers.
  • Use of Jain Solar manufactured Solar PV Multi-Crystalline modules.
  • Electricity Generation by 39000 solar panels.
  • Carbon saving of 12424.4 Metric Tons.
  • Rs 80 lakh income Per Annum through the Clean Development Mechanism.
  • Solar PV Trackers to produce electricity.
  • 90 day deadline to complete new project.


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