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News @ Jains - Jain Irrigation has developed hi-tech cultivation methods for Mangos: Ultra High Density Plantation (UHDP) of Mango at JISLís farm in Ellaymuthur, Udumalpet, Coimbatore


Jain irrigation started large scale mango plantations during 1996 we did not follow conventional planting distance of 10m x 10m; instead we adopted 4.5m x 4.5m, which is considered as medium density plantation (MDP). Results of MDP were remarkable and the orchard could start commercial production in the fourth year itself and later on yields were better than those from the conventional besides several other advantages. During year the 2005 JISL expanded its mango plantation in Ellaymuthur village of Udumalpet (taluka), district Coimbatore and replicated the same planting method. We could realize commercial yield from fourth year onwards and high yields are not enough to recover investments on land development and orchard establishment thus we were in search of better technology which can give higher yield. Though UHDP has shown success in mango at experimental levels but commercial plantations are not available in the country. During 2006 three scientists from JISL participated in a conference on Mango in South Africa and visited UHD plantations of Tommy Atkins variety of mango on large scale at a farmer cum scientistís field. It gave us confidence that Indian varieties also could be grown successfully under this planting system. Subsequently JISL decided to have a semi commercial scale trial in Ellaymuthur farm and planted 4.5 acres of UHDP of cv. Alphonso and Ratna. Encouraged by the initial success of the UHDP, we have extended UHDP to 50 acres by including other commercial varieties like Totapuri (Bangalora), Imampasand, Baneshan etc.

  1. Where it can be grown : Ultra high density mango planting can be done at all those places where traditional mango is grown. Specifically it well drained soil with pH between 6.5-7.5 having no hardpan or calcium carbonate layer till 1.5m depth.
  2. Process : Mango grafts of commercial varieties are planted at very close spacing of (3mx1m or 3mx2m) which allows attaining good growth during initial years and orchard attains commercial production from 3rd year onwards. Special techniques of training and pruning are used to develop sufficient number of branches and shoots since planting and tree growth and flowering are regulated through a combination of regular pruning and Pachlobutrazol application. Special care for nutrition management and pest control is followed.
  3. Advantages of UHDP vis-a-vis traditional mango cultivation :

  4. Particular Planting Type
    Traditional Medium Density Ultra High Density
    Gestation Period (years)
    7-9 4.-5 3-4
    Duration to reach full potential (years)
    12-15 7-8 4-5
    Yield Potential
    Medium High Very High
    Orchard Management Activities
    Very difficult Manageable Easy
    Spray operation
    Difficult Manageable Easy
    Spray efficiency
    Very Poor Fairly Good Good
    Very Difficult Possible Very Easy
    Control of Fruit Quality
    Impossible Possible Easy
    Expected yield at maturity (t/ha)
    1. High volume varieties
    10-12 18-20 20-25 (expected)
    2. Low volume varieties
    5-6 8-10 12-15 (expected)
    Expected annual income (Lakh Rs/ha)
    1. High volume varieties (@Rs4/kg)
    0.40 - 0.48 0.72 - 0.80 0.80 - 1.00
    2. Low volume varieties (@Rs10/kg)
    0.50 - 0.60 0.80 - 1.00 1.20 - 1.50
    Commercial orchard life (years)
    upto 50 30-35 20-25

  5. Benefit to farmers :
    1. Very low gestation period allows farmer to reduce cost burden and early income generation.
    2. b. Suitable for small, medium and semi-large farmers as it is management intensive and yields good quality fruits which can get better market price.
    3. It makes sensible bankable project to offer financial support due to assured high early returns.


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